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G. Hassan Najafi 
Licensed Real Estate Broker

After spending multiple years in the most exciting and evolutionary phase of real estate development in Dubai, Hassan Najafi is a real estate professional with luxury expertise at the world’s highest level. He was active in Dubai during the time it was redefining the global property development paradigm, and saw first-hand how quickly markets shift and change, and how it takes discipline and skill to continue to succeed. “When markets transform, I believe in creating new skills, sharpening techniques, and implementing new strategies,” he explains of his approach. “This is what allows me to continually serve my clients absolute best interests.” Besides exceptional customer service and insight, Hassan’s approach is also proven to be effective. In Dubai, he routinely sold top-of-market properties and even successfully sold three full floors totaling 36 units in Dubai Sport City during its preconstruction phase. Today, he closes similar deals throughout South Florida, particularly on branded luxury properties with international caché . Originally from Shiraz, Iran, Hassan initially studied civil engineering before moving to Dubai and making the transition to real estate. Today, Hassan travels to over 20 different countries on a regular basis to maintain and expand his powerful professional network. He also remains active in operating the Hospitality and Event Management business he founded in 2003, and his Brokerage Firm that he opened in 2006. Through it all, he strives for innovation and visionary thinking, so that he may stay ahead of clients’ needs and expectations and take best advantage of emerging market opportunities. When he’s not traveling or working, Hassan greatly enjoys playing polo , an activity that he often finds places him in contact with luxury buyers and sellers looking for a trusted partner in their real estate activities. Hassan is fluent in Arabic, Persian (Farsi), and English.


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"My winning bid is an endorsement by the clients that i can deliver nothing but exceptional results, my driving force undoubtedly has been the trust of my clients" Adel says . So I am committed to one thing more than the others : "clients interest first" ...

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